BeLoved is an organization dedicated to care for people affected by the sex industry. That could be someone who is currently or formerly in the sex industry or someone who needs support for a pornography addiction and everywhere in between. Whether you are an adult entertainer, bouncer, manager, prostitute, club owner, or a housewife who is addicted to porn.

Our Vision:

BeLoved does extensive connecting into the sex industry and people affected by it. BeLoved teams go into Strip Clubs and when we go to the clubs, we give gifts with our contact info in them and provide support to the staff to let them know they are loved no matter what and that we are here to support  them no matter what. Our goal is to be there for people no matter where they are in their life’s journey.

What does BeLoved Do about Trafficking?:

At BeLoved we do run across cases of human trafficking and try to raise awareness about the reality of trafficking. For women on the streets, advertising on websites and those who are being forced to work in the industry or anyone under the age of 18 being sold for someone’s profit, we advocate for them and raise awareness in the community that it is happening. We will also provide training for people in the industry about the dangers of traffickers and how to look out for the signs of trafficking. If you or someone you know is being trafficked, you can call the National Hotline at 888-3737-888 and they will contact the appropriate people in your city to assist. BeLoved does work across the spectrum of the sex industry and that includes not only loving on our industry workers but also includes those who are being trafficked and those struggling with sex addiction.

About Our Founder: 

Sandra Savage is the Founder of BeLoved.

She herself worked in the sex industry for 13 years nationally and internationally and currently resides in Central KY.

She is an innovative thinker and ministry and non-profit catalyst and an international leader for awareness, outreach and aftercare for sex industry workers. In 2005 she developed groups and curriculum for women struggling with sex, pornography and relational addiction.

Along with working almost a decade in the area of sex addiction recovery she has spent most of those leading awareness and connecting efforts to people who have been commercially sexually exploited.

Her passion was birthed from spending 13 years as a sex worker and finding healing from rape, sexual abuse, pornography and dysfunctional relationships. She is also a passionate and dynamic musician, author and speaker.

She now is writing, recording and looking for long term solutions for communities to make effective change by loving compassionately.


Current Cities:

Lexington, KY

Richmond, KY

Newport, KY

Covington, KY

DeSoto, IL

Durham, NC

Raleigh, NC

Cary, NC

Miami, FL



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Your support makes the work of BeLoved possible.

These are just some of the ways we put your generous gifts to work:

A gift given to staff in a strip club.
Peer mentoring provided to a woman in sex work.
Crisis intervention offered to a victim of trafficking.
Support groups facilitating healing and recovery.
Free resources given to those in need.
Connecting with the sex industry worldwide.
Training and equipping leaders in different cities and countries.

“I love you all serving the girls.”R.Manager
“So you hang out in clubs, that is so cool what u all do for us. I have been in and out of industry for a while and we always need support.”C.BeLoved Lady
“You all have no idea what you are doing for these ladies, please come back!”N.Manager


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